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This page provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about vehicle body repair and collision service. We've thrown in some of our favorite tips and recommendations, too. Please call us or consult our Contact Us page for answers to your specific questions. We are happy to assist you!

  • General

    • Am I required to take my vehicle to the repair shop that my insurance company recommends?

      No. State laws protect your right to have your car repaired at the shop of your choice.

    • How long will I be without my vehicle?

      We understand the frustration of being without your own car, so we work hard to get you back on the road in the shortest amount of time. We will do our best to minimize the length of time that your vehicle "is in the shop".

    • What is a deductible?

      The deductible is the portion of repair costs that are paid by the vehicle owner before insurance company starts to pay. Your deductible is spelled out in your insurance policy. Selecting a higher or lower deductible affects the price of your insurance.

    • Who determines whether OEM or aftermarket parts are used?

      You will have the choice of whether OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts or aftermarket (parts made by a company other than the original manufacturer). However, depending upon your insurance policy provisions, you could be required to pay the difference out of pocket if you insist on OEM and your policy requires use of cheaper aftermarket parts. It is wise to know your coverage before a claim happens. Contact your insurance agent if you are unsure of your policy details.

    • Are you able to match my vehicle's paint color?

      Each vehicle has a manufacturer's paint code that identifies the specific color applied in the factory. The code is printed on a label that is affixed to the vehicle and can be used by collision shops to determine the correct paint-mixing formula that should be used. Proper paint-matching requires precision and patience since there are often slight variations that happened in the original production or due to aging, weather exposure etc. A highly qualified paint-tech will take the time to make sure your paint is the closest possible match and not just a "good enough" match.

  • Choosing a Shop

    • My car is a lease. Do I have to use the dealership for the repair work?

      No. You can have the repair done at a shop that you choose. The benefit of having the dealership do the work is that when you turn in the lease vehicle, if they are not happy with the work, it is their own service people that are on the hook. If you have the work done at another facility, just be sure they will stand behind it and correct any issues that might arise when the dealership inspects the vehicle at lease turn in.